Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Reading Comprehension Worksheet


Many celestial bodies in the solar system are fascinating. The Sun, a giant hot ball of gas, is at the center of the Solar System. All the planets of the solar system get heat and light from the Sun. Starting from the planet closest to the Sun, there are eight planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Among these planets with different sizes, Earth is the only planet that supports life.

Apart from planets, there are others in our solar system. Some planets have moons, or natural satellites, orbiting them. For example, Earth has just one moon, while Jupiter has over 80 moons! Asteroids and comets are in addition to planets and moons. Comets are made of ice and dust, while asteroids are rocky objects that orbit the Sun.


What is the primary source of heat and light for all the planets in our solar system?
a) Stars
b) The Moon
c) The Sun
d) Comets

Answer: c) The Sun


Which planet is closest to the Sun in our solar system?
a) Earth
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Mercury

Answer: d) Mercury


Which planet in our solar system is known for supporting life?
a) Venus
b) Mars
c) Saturn
d) Neptune

Answer: b) Mars

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