Safety and First Aid Class 4 Questions and Answers

Keeping safe Class 4

Safety and First Aid Class 4 Questions and Answers | Keeping safe Class 4  for CBSE / NCERT / ICSE Board students

Fill in the blanks:

You should not consume any ______________ on your own [Medicine]

On the road, we should always walk on the ____________

[ Footpath]

The immediate help that an injured person receives is called ____________ [ First Aid]

Persons who are fainting will gain instant energy from ______________ [Glucose]

You should never touch an electric appliance with your ______________ hands. [Wet]

In the swimming pool, as a safety measure you can use a/an ______________ [Tube]

On getting burns, wash the area with ______________ water. [Chilled]


State True or False

Applying antiseptic lotion to minor cuts is an effective method.


Wearing synthetic clothes while burning crackers is not recommended.


Allergies are caused by some insects.


Rules for traffic are a waste of time. 


Burns should be treated with antiseptic cream. 


A minor cut does not require medical attention. 


Keeping Safe Class 4 Short Questions

What will happen if we aren’t cautious on the road?


If we touch switches with wet hands, what will happen?

Electric Shock


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