Class 5 Saudi Arabia the Land of Sand Question Answer

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Saudi Arabia the Land of Sand Question Answer


Saudi Arabia the Land of Sand Question Answer Grade 5 Social Science | the land of sand class 5 notes for the students of CBSE. ICSE board..


Answer the following questions [ Short Answers ]


Describe the types of deserts found around the world.

There are hot deserts, temperate deserts, and cold deserts all over the world.


Give a list of the surrounding countries of Saudi Arabia.

Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain surround Saudi Arabia.


Name some of Saudi Arabia’s major industries.

Saudi Arabia has a number of important industries, including refineries, cement, petrochemicals, iron, steel, and fertilizers. Textiles, leather, soap, and handcrafts are some small-scale industries.


What are the agricultural products of this country?

The country’s agricultural products include date palms, wheat, barley, cotton, rice, tobacco, and ragi.


Which deserts are the hottest?

Ans. Western sides of continents are home to the majority of hot deserts.


Name two desert regions in Saudi Arabia.

Ans. Saudi Arabia has two desert regions, Rub al Khali and An Nafud.


Where do the Bedouins live?

Ans. Camel skin tents are used by Bedouins. They travel from one place to another in search of green pastures.


Answer the following questions [ Long Answers ]


Describe the climate of Saudi Arabia.

Ans. Saudi Arabia has a very hot climate, with temperatures often reaching 52 degrees Celsius. Summer runs from May to September. Days are hot and dry, but nights are cooler. The winter season runs from October through April. There is little rain and the coast is mild.


Who are Bedouins? What is their lifestyle?

Ans. The Bedouins are nomadic people. In search of green pastures, they travel in long rows called caravans. Tents made of animal hide or cloth are pitched near pastures and serve as their home. They move with their camels and belongings from pasture to pasture.


What do you know about the plant life of these regions?

Answer- Only plants that can survive the heat and lack of water can grow in Saudi Arabia. Roots reach deep into the ground in search of water. The cacti that grow here have thorns instead of leaves to prevent water loss from evaporation. Date palms, wheat, barley, cotton, rice, tobacco, ragi, and rice are also grown here.


Why is the camel the ‘ship of the desert?

Ans. Camels are known as the ‘ships of the desert because they can carry heavy loads and have thickly padded feet which make it easy to walk on sand that is very hot. Food is stored in its hump, and it can live without food and water for several days.


How has petroleum changed the economy of Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Petroleum is exported by Saudi Arabia and is in great demand throughout the world. Saudi Arabia uses the money it earns to develop different industries. Cities and towns have grown rapidly. Due to a large number of schools and colleges that have opened, modern education is now possible. Living standards have also increased.


Key Points

Sand dune- Sand dunes are hills of sand that are formed in the desert by strong winds and dust storms.

Wadis – Wadis are temporary streams formed in the desert after rain.

Oasis- A desert oasis is an area where underground water has been brought to the surface.

Nomads- The term nomad refers to people who move from place to place in search of green pastures.

Caravans- A group of travellers who move across the desert on camels are known as caravans

Saudi Arabia is located in South-Western Asia.


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