Quiz on The sun moon and stars

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10. What is the name of the device that people use to observe the stars and planets?

  1.  Telescope
  2.  Microscope
  3.  Binoculars


  1. Why does the moon appear to change its shape?
  1.  Because it is getting bigger
  2.  Because it is rotating
  3.  Because it is moving away from Earth
  4.  Because it is reflecting sunlight in different ways


  1. How many stars are in the sky?
  1.  Thousands
  2.  Millions
  3.  Billions
  4.  Trillions


  1. Why are stars different colors?
  1.  Because of  temperatures
  2.  Because of different sizes
  3.  Because of different distances from Earth
  4.  Because of different shapes


  1. What is a shooting star?
  1.  A star that falls to Earth
  2.  A meteoroid that burns up in Earth’s atmosphere
  3.  A comet passing by Earth
  4.  A planet moving across the sky



 Science MCQ Based On The sun moon and stars


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