Skeletal System Questions and Answers for class 5

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Skeletal System Questions and Answers for class 5


Skeletal System Questions and Answers for class 5 | skeletal system class 5 icse for the students of State / CBSE / ICSE Board


Answer the following Questions


Que – What is a skeletal system and what are the parts of the skeletal system?

The skeletal system is the framework or skeleton of our body the skeleton gives shape and support to a body, the skull ribs backbones and limbs are part of our skeletal system.


Que – What are the functions of the Skeletal System?

Some of the major functions of the skeletal system are

  • It gives support to body
  • Protect internal organs like heart lungs and stomach
  • The skull protects our brain and backbone products of spinal cord.


Que – How many bones are there in an adult human body?

There are 206 bones in an adult human body.


Que – What are the parts of a skeletal system?

The skeletal is divided into four parts

  • Skull
  • Ribs
  • Backbone
  • Limbs

Que – Define Skull?

Skull is made up of 22 bones and protect the most important organ which is called brain, all the bones of the skull are fixed only the lower jaw is movable that will help us in eating and speaking.

Diagram of labelled Skeletal System

Labelled Skeletal System Img Source – pixabay


Que – What is Rib Cage?

Ribcage is a cage of bones around the chest which protect the very important organ of our body “Heart and Lungs”.


Que – Define Backbone?

Backbone is a column made of 33 bones which is called vertebrae. Backbone is also called spine this helps us to stand straight.


Que – How many types of movable joints are found in our body?

There are four types of movable joints inside our body


Que – Define Joints ?

A joint is the connecting point of two or more bones, Joint helps us to bend twist and move.


Que – Define Cartilage ?

Cartilage is an elastic substance which covers the joints to prevent the bones from direct contact.


Que – Define Ligaments?

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