Class 4 Soil & Its Types Q & A Worksheet

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Chapter – Class 4 Science Chapter soil

Class 4 Soil & Its Types Q & A Worksheet | Grade 4 Science Question Answers | soil questions and answers for class 4 cbse/icse/state board kids.

Fill in the blanks

  1. The process of soil formation is called ………………
  2. The layer below the topsoil in the soil profile is called
  3. ………………..soil becomes lumpy and sticky when mixed with water
  4. ………………best for growing plants


  1. Pedogenesis
  2. Subsoil
  3. Clayey
  4. Loamy

Answer the following questions

[Q] What is soil?

The top layer of earth’s surface is called soil it consists of sand remains of dead plants and animals minerals water and air.


[Q] What is the composition of soil?

Soil is made up of different types of soil particles

  • Sand:- largest soil particles
  • Silt:- smaller than sand but bigger than clay
  • Clay:-Very tiny soil particles

Soil also contains small stones minerals and humans as well as air and water


[Q] Define Types of soil ?

There are mainly three types of soils present in our environment


It has more sand particles than clay it is rough and nonsticky

Loamy soil

In this type of soil, the proportion of sand clay, and silt are same it is the best soil for growing plants also rich in nutrients and humus

Clay soil:-

this soil contains maximum clay particles the soil is smooth when dry and sticky when wet.


[Q] Define soil profile?

Soil profile consists of three layers

  • Topsoil :- very fertile soil
  • Subsoil:- contains stones and rocks
  • Bedrock:- contains large pieces of rocks


[Q] What is soil erosion?

The removal of the upper layer of soil by wind and water is called soil erosion.


[Q] What are the causes of soil erosion?

The main cause of soil erosion is a strong wind, cutting down trees, heavy rainfall, and flooding.


[Q] How soil can be conserved?

Soil can be conserved by planting more trees, building dams grazing and terrace farming.


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