The Climate of Our Country Class 4 Sst,

The Climate of Our Country Class 4 Sst,

Fill in the blanks :

  1. When you talk of the weather throughout the year,you are talking of the …………
  2. The farther a place is from the ………… the colder it is.
  3. …………. are hot, dry winds that carry dust and sand.
  4. In India, there are winds that bring rich moisture, called ………. winds
  5. The ……….. season lasts from October through February or March.
  6. Hot dry winds called are called ………


  1. Climate
  2. Duststorms
  3. Equator
  4. Monsoon
  5. Winter
  6. loo

State True or False :

  1. Higher up a place, the cooler it will be – T
  2. Summers are pleasant due to the humid air. – F
  3. Rain starts earlier in south India than in north India. – T
  4. Winter days are longer than summer days. – F


Define Weather ?

Weather refers to how hot, cold, rainy is in the place at a particular time, of a particular place. It defines temperature too.

Define Climate

Climate refers to how hot, cold, rainy is in the larger area for a longer period of time.


What are the three main factors on which the climate of a place depends?

The climate of a place mainly depends on the following

  • Distance from the equator
  • The higher a place is, the colder it is.
  • Due to the breeze from the sea, the Coastal Plains are neither too hot nor too cold.


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