The Glory of Bharatvarsha Class 6 GSEB

The Glory of Bharatvarsha Class 6 GSEB


Fill in the following blanks with correct words

The art of direction includes………….and……….

The special literature of South India is…………

………… Was a Greek Ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya

From…………. In Madhya Pradesh paintings of Neolithic Age has been found

Coins of 5th century BC are called………….


Dance, Drama

Sangam Literature




Answer the following questions in short

Give brief information about Vedic literature?

The Vedas are included in the oldest literature of India. There are four Vedas: rigveda-yajurveda-samaveda-atharvaveda. Brahman texts and Aranyakas were created to explain the Veda in which Shatpath Brahmin, Gopath Brahmin, and Brihadaranyaka may be considered as most important.


Which foreign Travelers tourists came to ancient India?

Many foreign tourists had been coming to India such as Greek Ambassador Megasthenes who lived in the court of Chandragupta Maurya, Greek Sailor Ptolemy, Chinese Traveler fahien came at the time of Chandragupta 2 And hiuen-tsang came at the time of Emperor Harshavardhan.

Explain the meaning of stupas and chaityas?

The Stupa is a small dome shaped architecture in the middle of which develops with elaborate and the Buddhist practiced meditation there.

Chaitya is also a major center of Buddhist art. Chaitya were carved in mountains. Caves of chaitya doors, huge prayer halls etc. Were carved and were given the shape of a temple.


Which subjects were taught in Takshashila?

The pilgrimage to Takshila near the Gandhar region in North West India was an educational one. Sanskrit grammar, astronomy, astrology, Hinduism, and philosophy were taught.


Royal coins of which Gupta king have been finally found?

Samudragupta, Chandragupta 1 and Chandragupta 2 of the Gupta dynasty were found.

True or false

The Upanishads include the Mandukya, Matsya and Mundaka Upanishad. True

The book ‘Indica’ written by the Greek sailor Ptolemy gives information about the ports of India. –False

Paintings of Jatak stories of Buddha which have been found in Ellora caves are world famous. True

The Confluence of Greek and Indian sculpture is found in Gandhara style. True

Nalanda University of Gandhara region of Ancient India was world famous. False

Additional Question and Answers from the chapter

In ancient India, what tools were used for agriculture?

Front part of the plough for farming, axes, are used for clearing forest, sickle, etc.


In ancient India, what were the things created for irrigation.

For irrigation, canals, wells, lakes, and artificial reservoirs were constructed.


What crops were cultivated in ancient India?

Wheat, barley, millet, sesame, peas, etc. were cultivated in ancient times.


In ancient India, who was the head of the village?

Gram Bhojak was the head of the village in North India. Gram Bhojak was the largest landowner in the village. People would work for him on a rent basis. His responsibilities also included collecting revenue and keeping law and order.


What kind of people live in southern India?

Southern India was populated by three different types of people: big landlords, small farmers, and servants.


In ancient India, what kind of clothing did men and women wear?

Two types of clothing were worn by men and women. The cloth worn on the lower part of the body was called nivi, and the cloth worn on the upper part of the body was called vaas. The upper part of their body was sometimes wrapped in a cloth called an adhivas.


What is the purpose of spherical wells in towns?

The spherical wells have been found in many cities, which were used as drains for toilets and dustbins.


Write a short note on ancient Indian art.

Indian art is divided into fine art and performing arts. Fine art includes drawing, painting literature, architecture music, clay art etc. while performing arts include dance and drama.


How many types of literature in India?

Indian literature is divided into three categories: religious, nonreligious, and travel descriptions by foreigners.


How many Vedas are there in oldest literature of India?

Rigveda, Atharvaveda, Yajurveda, and Samveda are the four Vedas of the oldest literature of India. Brahman texts and aranyakas were created to explain the Vedas, and Shapath Brahmin, Gopath Brahmin, and Brihdaranyak were the most important.


Which Purana texts are most important?

The most important Purana texts are the Vishnu Purana, Garuda Purana, Vayu Purana, Matsya Purana, and Bhagwat Purana.


Who wrote arthashastra?



Which literature is composed in south India?

Sangam literature


What is the Sanskrit name for a grammar text?

The best grammar text in Sanskrit is Panini’s Ashtadhyayi.


Sammudragupta’s “prayag prashasti” was written by whom?



Who wrote Prashasti of Chandragupta II?

Veersen saba


What is the title of the book written by Megasthenes?

Megasthenes wrote a book called Indica in which he provides information about the Mauryan age.


A book that includes information about India’s ports was written by whom.

Greek sailor Ptolemy.


How many travelers came from china?

Fahien during the reign of Chandragupta II and Hiuen Tsang during the reign of emperor Harshavardhan.


Fill in the blanks –

Mahabharata written by ved vyas was initially known as ………….[jay sanhita]

Ramayana written by ………… depicts social life and moral standards.[Valmiki]

The total number of Upanishads are ………. and total number of Purana are …..[108/18]

…… is considered a law text.[Manusmriti]

The original text of Buddhism is called ………. it includes suktapitika, Vinayapitika and abhidhampitika.[tripitaka]

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