Class 4 Human Body Systems and Functions Q & A

The Human Body Systems & its Functions ,There are many organ systems in our body such as Excretory ,circulatory ,nervous System etc.

The Human Body Systems & its Functions

Some of the major organs of the human body are

  1. Nervous System
  2. Respiratory system
  3. Circulatory system
  4. Excretory system
  5. Digestive system

Nervous system

Nervous system consists of Brain

Brain is located in the head inside the skull it is divided into three parts.

  1. Cerebrum
  2. Cerebellum  
  3. Medulla oblongata.

Function of Brain: – the brain helps us think, it control the functions and actions of different parts of our body.

Respiratory system

It consists of Nose, windpipe and Lungs.

The respiratory system has to bring oxygen into the body and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

This can be done through the process of Breathing.

Breathing in air is called inhalation and breathing out air is called exhalation.

We have two lungs located in the chest, one on each side. The lungs are like balloons that help us take in oxygen from the air we breathe in and give out carbon dioxide through the air we breathe out.

Circulatory system:-

The circulatory system is an organ system that has to transport substances within our body.

This system consists of heart blood and blood vessels.

Heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood to all parts of the body

Blood is a fluid that is carried by blood vessels to all parts of the human body. Through blood vessels, nutrients water Oxygen and Carbon dioxide and waste products are transported inside our body

Blood vessels

Blood vessels are thin tubes that run throughout the entire body to transport Blood.

There are three types of blood vessels found inside our body.

  1. Arteries
  2. Veins
  3. Capillaries

Excretory system:-

Excretory system is an organ system that helps in removing the waste material made inside our body.

The process by which the waste material gets removed from our body is called excretion.

The excretory system consists of pair of Kidneys urinary bladder, ureter and urethra.

The formation of urine takes place inside the Kidneys

Urine contains harmful waste products made inside the body.

Ureters carry urine from the Kidneys to the urinary bladder.

The urine is stored in the urinary bladder.

The urethra helps to pass the urine out of the body

Digestive system

Digestive system consists of a stomach, small intestine and large intestine found inside the abdomen…

Stomach is a bag like organ.Intestines are tube-like organs and present in the abdomen.

The stomach and intestine helps in Breaking Down the food that we eat into simpler substances.

Our body uses these substances to give us energy to do different activities

The process of breaking down food into simpler substances is called digestion.

The Human Body Systems End

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