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TN Board Class 7 History Unit 3 Emergence of New Kingdoms in South India

If you are looking for Tamil Nadu Board Class 7 History Unit 3 Emergence of New Kingdoms in South India  then you are at the right place. Here we are providing solutions as well as additional QA / Important Notes.


Choose the Correct Answer

Who revived the later Chola dynasty?

  • Vijayalaya
  • Rajaraja I
  • Rajendra I
  • Athirajendra


Who among the following Pandya rulers is known for ending the Kalabhra rule?

  • Kadunkon
  • ViraPandyan
  • Kun Pandyan
  • Varaguna


Which of the following was the lowest unit of Chola administration?

  • Mandalam
  • Nadu
  • Kurram
  • Ur


Who was the last ruler Vijayalaya line of Chola dyanasty?

  • VeeraRajendra
  • Rajadhiraja
  • AthiRajendra
  • Rajaraja II


An example of Chola architecture can be seen at .

  • Kannayiram
  • Uraiyur
  • Kanchipuram
  • Thanjavur


To which of the following, Marco Polo went in the last decade of 13th century in India?

  • Chola mandalam
  • Pandya country
  • Kongu region
  • Malainadu


II Fill in the blanks

…………built the famous Brihadeshwara Temple at Thanjavur.[Rajaraja I]

……….established a Vedic college at Ennayiram.[Rajendra I]

………was the donor of Velvikudi copper plates.[Jatila Parantaka Nedunjadayan (Varaguna I)]

The royal sectretariat of Pandya kingdom was known as …………[eluttu-mandapam]



III Match the Following

  • Madurai – Inland traders
  • Gangaikonda Cholapuram – Maritime traders
  • Anju- Vannattar Capital of Cholas
  • Mani- gramattar Capital of Pandyas


  • Madurai – Capital of Pandyas
  • Gangaikonda Cholapuram – Capital of Cholas
  • Anju-Vannattar – Maritime traders
  • Mani-gramattar – Inland traders


True or False

A Muslim state subordinate to Delhi Sultan was in Madurai.[True]

Koodal – nagar Kavalan was the title of a Pandya king.[True]

Chola kingdom was situated in Vaigai delta.[False]

Kulothunga I belonged to Chalukya – Chola dynasty.[True]

The elder son of the Chola king was called Yuvaraja.[True]


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