Understanding the Map Class 6 GSEB Solutions

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Understanding the Map Class 6 GSEB

Understanding the Map Class 6 GSEB Solutions by online-shiksha

Fill in the blanks-

Mappa Mundi is a word of ……………language. [Latin]

There are ………. main components of the map. [Three]

………. details are shown in the cultural map. [Manmade Features]

True or false

Oceans are shown in the cultural map – False

Vegetation region is shown with green color in the map – True

India lies in the Northwest hemisphere of the earth. –False

The map showing different continents is a large scale map. – False

Answer the following questions

[Q] Write the types of thematic map?

These maps are prepared according to the requirement of necessary details. There are two major types of thematic maps: physical maps and cultural maps.               

[Q] What is meant by conventional signs?

Maps use conventional signs to indicate different physical and cultural details. These symbols are called conventional signs.

[Q] How many union territories are there in India?

There are total 8 union territories in India [Ladakh is newly added in 2020-2021]

Answer in short

[Q] Differentiate between a scale based maps and cultural maps?

In scale based maps natural elements are shown. This map shows the physical landscapes like mountains, plateaus, plains, rivers, oceans etc.

While in cultural maps man made details and various human activities are shown.

[Q] Mention the components of maps on the basis of scale give two examples of a small scale.

There are 3 main components of a map: –

Direction, scale and convectional signs.

[Q] What is thematic map ?

A thematic map focuses on specific information, such as a roadmap, a rainfall map, or a map showing the distribution of forests or industries.

[Q] Which map provides detailed information ?

Large scale map provides detailed information.

[Q] What do you mean by the term ‘the scale of the map ?

The scale of any map is very important. Knowing the scale will allow you to calculate the distance between any two places on a map.

Write Full Forms –


National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization.


National Remote Sensing Agency


Understanding the Maps Chapter Extra Questions-

The word map is also called “naksha” in Hindi

[Q] What is an Atlas?

An atlas is a collection of maps showing various details of the earth or its larger part it contains political administrative natural and cultural details

[Q] What kind of details can be found in a map?

Map shows important details of various regions like physical details (mountain, plateau, river, lake etc.) and cultural (transportation, industries, farming, irrigation etc.)

[Q] What Is shown in topo graphic map?

It shows landscapes/landforms like mountains, plateaus, plains, water ways etc.

[Q] Define climate map.

The climate map focuses on the details of climate, temperature, rainfall winds etc.

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