Class 3 Water as a Natural Resource

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Water As a Natural Resource For Class 3 Question & Answer

Water as a Natural Resource For Class 3 | Grade 3 Science Question Answers | Water As a Natural Resource For Class 3 worksheet for students.In this chapter we are going to learn about Water as a natural resource as well  as some of important facts about water for kids.

Multiple Choice Questions on Water natural Resource

1. Water vapour is present in…..


2. Material used to kill germs is…………………


3. Water vapour is a………………


4. Water is found in……………..states


5. Which of the following is not a method of purification of water?


6. …………………………removes solid impurities from water.


Answer the following questions

[Q] What are the uses of water?

  • We use water in drinking, cooking, washing clothes, washing utensils watering the plants, etc.
  • All living things need water to live.
  • some plants also need water to live plants that grow in water are called aquatic plants.For example lotus, and water lily is the example of aquatic plants
  • Animals also need water to live. they drink water from ponds rivers lakes etc.
  • some animals are living in water they are called aquatic animals like fish octopus whale turtle etc.
  • Plants that grow in the desert need little water to live .plants that grow in the desert do not have leaves their leaves are modified into spines.An example is a cactus plant


[Q] What are the natural water resources ?

The natural resources of water are rain, seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds.But Rainwater is the main source of natural water.


[Q] Why Ocean water is not drinkable?

Water from Oceans and Seas cannot be used for drinking because it is very salty in taste.


[Q] What are the 3 states of water?

Water exists in all three states that are;

  • Solid – ICE is a solid form of water.
  • Liquid – water is a liquid form
  • Gas – Water vapor is a gaseous form of water.


[Q] Define Soluble and Insoluble Material.

Material that cannot be dissolved in water is called insoluble material while the material which is completely dissolved in water are called soluble material.

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