Weekly Current Affairs 08 April to 14 April  2022

Weekly Current Affairs 08 April to 14 April  2022

Weekly Current Affairs 08 April to 14 April  2022  – One-Liner current affairs / Latest News for UPSC, PSC, SSC, Railway, Banking and exam competitions.


  1. What is the name of the initiative launched by Prakriti Green?

Correct answer: Bhupendra Yadav


  1. Who published the book ‘Birsa Munda Tribe Nayak’?

Correct answer: Dharmendra Pradhan


  1. The ‘Chameli Devi Jain Award 2021’ was given to who?

Correct answer: Arif Johri


  1. Who has joined Twitter’s board of directors?

Correct answer: Elon Musk


  1. When is the International Sports Day for Development and Peace celebrated?

Correct answer: 06 April


  1. The United Nations Democracy Fund has received USD 150,000 from which country?

Correct answer: India


  1. In which country is the illegal purchase of wildlife online increasing, according to the released report?

Correct answer: Myanmar


  1. Who was honored by the Ohio State Senate?

Correct answer: Vivek Agnihotri


  1. Which country’s prime minister was removed from office by a vote of no confidence?

Correct answer: Pakistan


  1. Where has the new Corona XE variant been found in India?

Correct answer: Mumbai


  1. The India Education Summit 2022 will be addressed by whom?

Correct answer: Dharmendra Pradhan


  1. Which country’s President ‘Alexander Vucic’ has been reelected?

Correct answer: Serbia


  1. According to Forbes, who topped the list of billionaires of 2022?

Correct answer: Elon Musk

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