What Is HTML and Its Features- HTML Elements

What Is HTML and Its Features

What Is HTML and Its Features- HTML Elements | what is html full form ,tags , elements , attributes ,forms , sysntax ,heading etc…


What is HTML and What is the Full Form of HTML?

HTML is a markup language that is used by all web browsers to judge how a page should be displayed. It consists of simple text and tags.

There are various types of tags that wrap around various types of content to affect that content.

What is HTML element?

<html> </html>

Indicates that this is an HTML document. All HTML documents begin and end with this tag.

<head> </head>

Creates a container for meta information related to a document, such as the title, keywords, and description.

<title> </title>

Whenever we add something to this tag, the browser will display it in the document’s title bar.

<body> </body>

This is the container where all the viewable contents will be inserted (text, images, etc.).

The following is a list of all the syntax used to create a very simple web page that only includes the text “Good Morning to All.”.



<title> GM </title>



Good Morning to All



HTML files can be saved as either .htm or .html files.


What is the correct html for adding a background color?

Adding Background Color

<body bgcolor = “#XXXXX”>

XXXXX is the color code. bgcolor sets the background color. It can be a hexadecimal number, an RGB value, or a color name.


Features of HTML tags

HTML documents are text files that contain HTML elements.

The elements of HTML are defined by HTML tags

HTML elements are marked up with HTML tags.

HTML tags are surrounded by the characters < and >

The surrounded characters are called angle brackets.

In a pair of tags, the start tag is the first and the end tag is the second.

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