What is Management ? Definition & Concept

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What is Management ? Definition & Concept

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is, “What is management?” Is it any process, method, or anything else that is universal or predefined? The answer is no, because no one can give any specific definition of management because it has not been defined by any scientist or professor, so the processes continue to know about it.

The thing that most people understand is that management is to get our work done by others in our own way; it is your talent to know how to get your work done by others perfectly.

On the other hand, we can see that it is an art or science, and we can see that it is large, and we can see that it is true because many professionals give their Theory on it, and it is applicable and business.

However, if we talk about it as an art, then art refers to how you deal with every situation in an effective manner.

Concept of Management

The concept of Mgmt is not as easy as not as more Complex because it is based on Few differences which is

  • Mgmt as a noun
  • Mgmt is a process
  • Mgmt as a discipline

Management as a noun

A noun can be defined as a group of managerial people in an enterprise. This managerial group includes all of the higher authority’s supervisors and Chief Executive Officers of the organisations, as well as all of the individuals and industrial enterprises ranging from Managing Director to General Manager.

Management  is a process-

Mgmt is now used as a way of referring to the process of managing things, and this process consists of planning, organising, controlling, coordinating, motivation, and so on. Without all of these activities, the Mgmt process is incomplete.

Management as a discipline-

It means that without having control over the team’s employees, the process will not be completed because the work will not be completed on time, so in Mgmt discipline is very important to always person assuming Mgmt functions are designated as Mgmt executive or administrative.

Definition of Management

Different authors provide different definitions of Mgmt, but no single definition is sufficient to explain Mgmt. In summary, Mgmt is a process that operates according to parameters such as planning, organising, controlling, motivating, and directing.

All five of these let’s come under the Mgmt process because they all play important roles in Mgmt.


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