Work Force and Energy MCQ

Work Force and Energy MCQ

Work Force and Energy MCQ Science Quizzes for Class 4 | Science Multiple Choice Questions on Topic Work Force and Energy for Students….


Work Force and Energy Multiple Choice Questions for Students.

1. Electricity can be generated using wind energy.


2. Slowing or stopping a moving body is caused by ______________ force.


3. A force is the push or pull of an object.


4. A person’s ability to do work is called ______________.


5. A force that acts in the opposite direction and slows or stops a moving object is called


6. Our work is made easier by a _______________.


7. It is possible to change the form of energy.


8. Atoms are the smallest particles that make up matter.


9. When ………… is applied to a body and it moves, work is done.


10. The force can be used ………………



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