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Quiz on Science

Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 10:18 pm

Science Quiz-Set 1


10 Question Quiz on Science Quiz-1 | 10 Question Quiz | In this, we are providing 10 questions on Science Quiz, Serve this quiz to test yourself.


Read the given statements regarding first aid tips and select the incorrect statement(s).

(1) If a person is bleeding severely, tie loosely a bandage around the wound.
(2) If a person faints, do not crowd him.
(3) If a person gets burnt, put the burnt part under the cold water.
(4) In a case of cuts or small wounds, wipe them clean and apply antiseptic lotion over


2. Bamboo, mud, leaves and straw are the main components to construct which type of house ?


3. The effigies of two persons are burnt every year along with R avana on Dussehra. Who are those two persons and what are their relations with Ravana ?


4. Read the given passage.
Food contains substances which provide energy for survival and growth of our body.
These substances are called nutrients. Nutrients are grouped into carbohydrates, fats
proteins, ‘L’ and ‘M’. Roughage and ‘N’ also form a part of our food.
‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘N’ are found in rich-amount in which of these?


5. Which among these will be least useful to send an immediate message?


6. I am neither insect nor worm. I have eight legs while insects have only six. Who am I?


7. All planets in the solar system rotate anticlockwise, except ‘X’. It is the only planet that
rotates clockwise. What is planet ‘X’?


8. Read the given passage and select the correct option.
P and Q are very large bodies of water.
They contain salty water. P is a part
of Q that is partially surrounded by
land. Q is a body of salt water with
no boundaries and limitless volume


9. Which among these would be the best material to use, while making the handle of a
tea kettle?


10. X’ vehicles are not owned by us. We have to pay to travel by them.
(a) Select an example of ‘X’ vehicles.
(b) Which of the ‘X’ vehicles can run on rail tracks laid on road?


11. The region of the Earth near the __________ receives almost the same amount of sunlight
through out the year. This region always remains hot and has days and night of equal
duration. O n the other hand the __________ receive(s) sunlight only for six months and
remain(s) dark for the next six months.
Select the correct sequence of words to fill the blanks in the above given passage.



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