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Class 4 Science Questions and Answers

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 01:22 am

CBSE Class 4 Science Solution


Class 4 Science Questions And Answers Class 4 EVS | class 4 science questions and answers | class 4 evs worksheet for school homework and competition

Science  Solutions for Class 4 can be learned for free from this page. . In order to fully explain the concepts used, all solutions have been carefully formulated. This enables students to understand these concepts thoroughly. This helps students to learn better by preparing them for all school tests and other competitive tests. All school assignments can be successfully completed by the students with the following solutions. You can also prepare for your school exams and attain high school grades effectively.

CBSE Class 4 Science Solutions


Animal life Questions and Answers
The Green Plants Questions and Answers
Food and Nutrition Questions and Answers
Human Body Systems and Functions Questions and Answers
Safety and First Aid Questions and Answers
Teeth and Microbes Questions and Answers
How Plants Survive Questions and Answers
Air Water and Weather Questions and Answers
Solar System Questions and Answers
Adaptation – How animals survive Questions and Answers
Soil & Its Types Questions and Answers
Pollution Questions and Answers


Science Olympiad Questions for Class 4


Online Test for Class 4 Science – Set 1
Online Test for Class 4 Science – Set 2
Online Test for Class 4 Science – Set 3
Online Test for Class 4 Science – Set 4


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