English Olympiad Mock Test for Class 1- Question Bank

IEO Mock Test Class 1

What is SOF IEO full form?

IEO  stands for international English Olympiad organized by SOF for school students of classes 1 to 12. In this exam all the questions asked from English grammar language. This exams is of 60 minutes with 35 question upto 4th standard and 50 questions class 5th onwards.

How to participate:

This exam is generally organized by schools but this year in 2020 due to covid pandemic this exam is conducted online. students can participate from school as well as individually.

Here is the sample ieo olympiad mock test for class 1. ieo olympiad class 1 question paper, This ieo olympiad class 1 online test is helpful for kids participating in IEO organized by SOF………

English Olympiad Mock Test for Class 1


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