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MCQ on Class 2 EVS Bones and Muscles

What is necessary for bones and muscles to become strong and healthy?
a. Resting
b. Sleeping
c. Exercise
d. Sitting
Answer: c. Exercise


What supports bones and gives good posture while sleeping?
a. Soft bed
b. Cushions
c. Hard bed
d. Pillows
Answer: c. Hard bed


What is the position in which we keep our body when we sit, stand, or move called?
a. Movement
b. Posture
c. Stance
d. Alignment
Answer: b. Posture


How many body parts are mentioned in the activities you do during the day?
a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 10
Answer: c. 8


Which activity involves lifting weights with the help of bones and muscles?
a. Swimming
b. Running
c. Weightlifting
d. Cycling
Answer: c. Weightlifting


What does regular exercise do to muscles?
a. Weakens them
b. Makes them stiff
c. Makes them strong
d. Shrinks them
Answer: c. Makes them strong


Why is correct posture necessary for our health?
a. It makes us look tall
b. It keeps our body in proper shape
c. It prevents sleep disorders
d. It increases muscle flexibility
Answer: b. It keeps our body in proper shape




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