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MCQ on Class 2 EVS Plant Kingdom


If you are looking for MCQ on Class 2 EVS Plant Kingdom then you are at the right place. Read this

1. What is the main characteristic that distinguishes trees from other plants?
a) Soft stems
b) Woody stems
c) Climbing ability
d) Underground roots
Answer: b) Woody stems


2. Which type of plant has a thin woody stem and typically lives for a few years?
a) Trees
b) Shrubs
c) Herbs
d) Climbers
Answer: b) Shrubs


3. Which of the following plants is categorized as a herb?
a) Rose
b) Banyan tree
c) Mint
d) Money plant
Answer: c) Mint


4. What type of plants have weak stems and need support to grow straight?
a) Trees
b) Shrubs
c) Climbers
d) Creepers
Answer: c) Climbers


5. What is the main function of a plant’s stem?
a) Make food for the plant
b) Provide support
c) Take up water from the soil
d) Change into a fruit
Answer: b) Provide support


6. Which plant part fixes the plant to the soil and absorbs water?
a) Flower
b) Stem
c) Root
d) Leaf
Answer: c) Root


7. What part of the plant changes into a flower?
a) Root
b) Stem
c) Bud
d) Leaf
Answer: c) Bud


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