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MCQ on Class 2 Weather and Seasons

If you are looking for MCQ on Class 2 Weather and Seasons ,then you are at the right place.


Which season is known for hot weather and the longest days?
a. Winter
b. Spring
c. Summer
d. Autumn

Answer: c. Summer


What is the hottest season of the year?
a. Winter
b. Summer
c. Spring
d. Autumn

Answer: b. Summer


Which wind blows during the noon in the summer season?
a. Breeze
b. Monsoon
c. Loo
d. Trade winds

Answer: c. Loo


In which months does the rainy season typically occur in India?
a. June, July, August
b. October, November
c. December, January, February
d. April, May, June

Answer: a. June, July, August


Which season is characterized by leaves drying up and falling down?
a. Summer
b. Rainy
c. Autumn
d. Winter

Answer: c. Autumn


Which is the coldest season in India?
a. Summer
b. Rainy
c. Winter
d. Spring

Answer: c. Winter


What type of weather is associated with winter?
a. Hot and dry
b. Cold and snowy
c. Rainy and humid
d. Cool and breezy

Answer: b. Cold and snowy


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