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MCQ on Class 5 SST Coping with Disasters

Online Shiksha provides MCQ on Class 5 SST Coping With Disasters from the chapter for the students


Q What is a disaster?

A) Planned event
B) Sudden event or accident
C) Regular occurrence
D) Everyday activity

Answer: B) Sudden event or accident


Q What are the two main types of disasters mentioned?

A) Earthquakes and floods
B) Natural and human-made
C) Cyclones and tsunamis
D) Fires and epidemics

Answer: B) Natural and human-made


Q What is the primary cause of natural disasters?

A) Human activities
B) Environmental changes
C) Wrath of nature
D) Global warming

Answer: C) Wrath of nature


Q Which device measures the intensity of an earthquake?

A) Thermometer
B) Barometer
C) Seismograph
D) Hydrometer

Answer: C) Seismograph


Q In earthquake-prone areas, what kind of houses is recommended?

A) Heavy and concrete
B) Light and made of wood
C) Tall and steel-framed
D) Underground shelters

Answer: B) Light and made of wood


Q What is the main cause of floods ?

A) Melting glaciers
B) Earthquake
C) Heavy rainfall
D) Volcanic eruption

Answer: C) Heavy rainfall


Q What should people do during a flood if they have time to evacuate?

A) Drive through moving water
B) Stay near outer walls
C) Reach higher ground
D) Ignore warnings

Answer: C) Reach higher ground


Q What is drought?

A) Excessive rainfall
B) Little or no rain for a long period
C) Frequent snowfall
D) Seasonal temperature rise

Answer: B) Little or no rain for a long period


Q How can drought be prevented?
A) Increase over-grazing
B) Build more factories
C) Practice rainwater harvesting
D) Cut down trees

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