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MCQ on Class 5 SST Temperate Grasslands

MCQ on Class 5 SST Temperate Grasslands


What is a distinguishing feature of the temperate zone?
A) Dense forests
B) Desert landscapes
C) Temperate grasslands
D) Mountainous terrain
Answer: C) Temperate grasslands


In which hemisphere are temperate grasslands located?
A) Northern
B) Southern
C) Both
D) None
Answer: C) Both


What is the climate like in temperate grasslands of the northern hemisphere during winter?
A) Mild
B) Hot
C) Very cold
D) Rainy
Answer: C) Very cold


Which windstorm affects the steppes of Russia and Siberia, bringing hot dust in summer and blizzards in winter?
A) Buran
B) Chinook
C) Typhoon
D) Monsoon
Answer: A) Buran


What is the vegetation like in temperate grasslands?
A) Dense forests
B) Tall trees
C) Short grasses
D) Coniferous forests
Answer: C) Short grasses


Which grass is mentioned as a nutrient-rich fodder grass in temperate grasslands?
A) Wheat
B) Barley
C) Alfalfa
D) Maize
Answer: C) Alfalfa


Which region is known as the “wheat basket” of the world?
A) Pampas
B) Prairies
C) Velds
D) Downs
Answer: B) Prairies


Which animal is commonly associated with the semi-arid Great Plains of North America?
A) Bison
B) Mustang
C) Rattlesnake
D) Bald eagle
Answer: A) Bison


What is the term used to describe residents of the South American pampas, Patagonian grasslands, or Gran Chaco?
A) Cowboys
B) Gauchos
C) Nomads
D) Ranchers
Answer: B) Gauchos


What traditional lifestyle is mentioned for some tribes in temperate grasslands?
A) Urban living
B) Nomadic lifestyle
C) Industrial work
D) Maritime activities
Answer: B) Nomadic lifestyle

What is the main crop cultivated in the prairies, pampas, and steppes?
A) Rice
B) Wheat
C) Corn (Maize)
D) Barley
Answer: B) Wheat


Which industry is dominant in the grasslands due to the fertile soil?
A) Information technology
B) Livestock rearing
C) Textile manufacturing
D) Agriculture
Answer: D) Agriculture


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