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Quiz on Computer Quiz – Set 1

Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 10:18 pm

10 Questions Quiz on Computer Quiz 1

10 Questions Quiz on Computer Quiz 1 | 10 Question Quiz | for students to prepare for school and competitive exams……
  • Who is called the father/inventor of the computer?
  • Charles Babbage


  • What was the name of the first computer called?
  • Eniac


  • On what day of the year is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?
  • 2 December


  • How many bytes are in a Kilobyte (KB)?
  • 1024 bytes


  • How many Kilobytes are in one megabyte (MB)?
  • 1024 kb


  • 1 Gigabyte (GB) is equal to how many megabytes (MB)?
  • 1024 MB


  • What is the IC chip used in computers made of?
  • Silicon



  • What does the term Internet address mean when it refers to HTTP?
  • Hypertext transfer protocol


  • What part of the computer is used for calculations and comparisons?
  • ALU


  • A device that transforms data into meaningful information?
  • Processor


  • What are the two main components of the processor?
  • ALU & CU


  • Where do most of the processing take place on the computer?
  • CPU


  • Computers are given what kind of intelligence?
  • Artificial


  • A computer’s information is called what?
  • Data


  • What is converted into information by a computer process?
  • Data


  • The first counting machine is the?
  • Abacus


  • Who built the first mechanical calculator?
  • Blaise Pascal


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