Adjectives Class 3 Worksheet

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Adjectives Class 3 Worksheet


Adjectives Class 3 Worksheet | English Grammar Worksheets | for cbse / icse / state board students to prepare for exams……………..


Adjectives provide additional information about size, shape, color, texture, age, origin, or any other relevant quality of a noun or pronoun. By providing more details about the subject being described, adjectives enhance the meaning of a sentence.

As an example, in the sentence “The big red car drove slowly,” the adjectives are “big” and “red.” The adjective “slowly” describes the driving style.Adjectives can be used to compare two or more nouns or pronouns, as “She is taller than him.”

Adjectives Class 3 Worksheet / Online Quiz


The old man sat quietly on the bench.
The tall tree swayed in the wind.
The cold water made my hands numb.
Which of the following is a superlative adjective?
Which of the following is not an adjective?
She wore a beautiful dress to the party.
The happy children played in the park.
I found a shiny coin on the sidewalk.
Which of the following is a comparative adjective?
What does an adjective describe?
Which of the following is a demonstrative adjective?
Which of the following is an adjective?
The fluffy kitten slept on the soft blanket.
The red car drove down the bumpy road.
Adjectives Class 3 Worksheet
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