Articles Class 3 Worksheet

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Articles Class 3 Worksheet


Articles Class 3 Worksheet | Class 3 English Grammar Worksheets | for Grade 3 / Class 3 students of CBSe / ICSE and State Board Exams.

Fill in the blank with the appropriate article (a, an, or the) .


_____ elephant is a very big animal.
_____ Internet has changed the world.
We went to ____ beach yesterday.
_____ hour ago, I was at school.
Do you want to watch _____ web series tonight?
I need to buy ____ new phone.
_____ apple a day keeps the doctor away.
We saw _____ rainbow after the rain.
Can I borrow ____ pencil?
I have _____ idea for our college thesis.
Can you pass me _____ ink pen, please?
My grandmother gave me _____ apple for a snack.
She is _____ only child in her family.
I want to be _____ astronaut when I grow up.
I saw _____ UFO last night!
_____ owl is a bird that flies at night.
My sister is ____ artist.
My dad has _____ new car that he loves to drive.
My little sister drew _____ picture of a lion.
Shanaya sent _______ e-mail to her friend.
Articles Class 3 Worksheet Online MCQ Test
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