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CG Board Class 6 Science Health and Hygiene

CG Board Class 6 Science Health and Hygiene Notes / Textbook Exercises / Question Answers as well as Additional Question Answers from the Chapter.

Write right/wrong against these statements –

1. There should be no standing water in the ground, near taps, wells and in our homes. [Right]
2. We should dirty our houses, schools and public toilets. [Wrong]
3. We should spit only on roads and walls. [Wrong]
4. We should put peels of vegetables and fruits in plastic bags before throwing them.[Right]
5. The dining area should be kept clean. [Right]
6. We should delay taking the sick person to the hospital.[Wrong]
7. Loud speakers should be used at full volume.[Wrong]
8. Plants and trees should be cut.[Wrong]
9. We should not urinate outside our homes or on the streets.[Right]

Match correctly:

Column A Column B
Protein Body-building
Tobacco chewing Mouth cancer
Part affected by smoking Lungs
Minerals and vitamins Care for the body
Personal health Protection of the body

Choose the correct alternative :

i. Found in large quantities in rice, potato and sugar
a. Vitamins
b. Proteins
c. Carbohydrates
d. Minerals


ii. Diarrhoea occurs due to
a. drinking infected water
b. over-eating
c. drinking clean water
d. eating salads


iii. Breathing problems may occur due to
a. Soil pollution
b. Air pollution
c. Water pollution
d. Noise pollution


iv. Vaccination for which disease involves taking an oral dose of the vaccine:
a. Malaria
b. Diarrhoea
c. Cold
d. Polio


v. Disposal of garbage should be:
a. packed in plastic bags
b. thrown on the streets
c. thrown outside the houses
d. segregated and if possible some materials recycled.

Fill in the blanks with correct option.

(a) Lack of vitamin A causes………………….disease (night blindness/ scurvy)
(b) We get …………… from sour fruits. (vitamin D / vitamin C )
(c) ………………… is the energy giving food. (dal / rice)
(d) Body building food is ………………… ( ground nut / banana)
(e) For good health ……………… is needed. (balanced diet/ narcotic drugs)

Write answers to these questions:

i. Why is there a need to have a balanced diet?
A balanced diet is needed because it provides the body with all the essential nutrients in the right proportions. It ensures that we get the necessary carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water for our overall health and well-being.

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