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Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science Chapter 13 Solution

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CG Board Class 8 Science Food Production and Management


Choose the correct alternative-

1. Incubators are used in –
a. In dairy products
b. In fisheries
c. In poultry
d. In apiculture


2. Hybridization is a technique of –
a. protecting crops from pests.
b. artificial crossing and producing seeds with required qualities
c. new technique of irrigation
d. production of more eggs


3. The carbonic product obtained from the wastes of animals and the decomposed plants is called
a. fertilizers
b. manure
c. green manure
d. bio fertilizers


4. Which is not a method to maintain the fertility of the soil?
a. crop rotation
b. mixed cropping
c. weeding
d. leaving the land uncultivated for some time.


5. Which machine is used for both reaping and threshing?
a. thresher
b. tractor
c. combine
d. harrow


Fill in the blanks –

1. Artificially prepared manure is called _________________.[fertilizer]
2. Leveling the land is done by_________________ machine.[wooden block]
3. Removing the husk from the grains is called __________.[threshing]
4. To make the fodder of dairy animals more nutritive ____and _______ are mixed with the oil cakes.[mustard / cottonseed oilcakes]
5. To produce honey _________________are reased.[bees]


Find the statements which are correct and rewrite the wrong statements correctly.


1. Kharif crops require more water than rabi crops.[Correct]
2. Pesticides and weedicides are not harmful to human beings. [Incorrect]
3. Earthworms are harmful for crops. [Incorrect]
4. Wheat is the main kharif crop of our country. [Incorrect]
5. There is much carbohydrate and fat in mushroom. [Incorrect]


Write short notes in 5-6 lines


1. milk production

Milk production involves rearing cows and buffaloes for their milk. Proper nutrition, care, and breeding are essential for high-yield milk production. Hybrids like Friesian Sahiwal and Holstein-Friesian are used to improve milk yields.


2. pisciculture

Pisciculture is the practice of raising and breeding fish in controlled environments like fish farms or ponds. It’s an important source of protein and involves the cultivation of various fish species, improving their growth rates and yields.


3. apiculture

Apiculture is the practice of beekeeping to produce honey and other bee-related products. Beekeepers maintain beehives and harvest honey, beeswax, and royal jelly. Beekeeping helps in pollination and provides valuable products.


4. poultry farming

Poultry farming involves raising birds like chickens, ducks, and turkeys for their meat and eggs. Proper care, feeding, and housing are essential for the production of quality poultry products.


5. earthworm manure

Earthworm manure, also known as vermicompost, is produced by decomposing organic matter with the help of earthworms. It’s a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer that improves soil structure and fertility.


6. mushroom culture

Mushroom culture is the cultivation of edible fungi like mushrooms. It involves providing a suitable substrate and environmental conditions for mushroom growth, making it a valuable source of non-animal protein.


7. cold storage

Cold storage refers to facilities with controlled low temperatures used for preserving perishable items like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. It helps extend the shelf life of these products and prevents spoilage.




Can you say that Ipomea or some weeds grown in some place is said to be a crop? Give reasons.

Ipomoea or some weeds can sometimes be considered as a crop if they are intentionally cultivated for a specific purpose, such as ornamental plants or traditional medicinal uses.


Write the different crops according to seasons.

Crops are categorized into three main seasons:

  • Kharif/Autumn Crops: Grown in the rainy season (e.g., rice, maize, sugarcane).
  • Rabi/Spring Crops: Grown in the winter season (e.g., wheat, barley, mustard).
  • Jayad Crops: Grown in dry weather (e.g., watermelon, sunflower).


What are the traditional and modern equipments used in ploughing?

Traditional ploughs are used for land preparation in farming. Modern equipment includes tractors, power-run cultivators, rotawers, and harrows.


Which crops are watered through drip irrigation ?

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