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Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science Chapter 16 Solution

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 04:36 pm

Q: Name a disease caused by a worm.


Q: Which diseases are caused by flies?
Diseases caused by flies are Cholera and Dysentry.

Extra Question Answers

Q: What are the main symptoms of rabies?
Main symptoms of rabies include fear of water (hydrophobia), high fever, headache, throat blockage, and paralysis.


Q: Write the full form of AIDS virus.
The full form of AIDS virus is HIV, which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.


Q: What are the symptoms of sickle cell anaemia.
Symptoms of sickle cell anemia include pale appearance, fatigue, pain and swelling in fingers, toes, and joints, frequent fever, and anemia.


Q: What are the differences between normal blood cell and a sickle cell?
Normal blood cells are round and flexible, while sickle cells are crescent-shaped and rigid.


Q: Write the symptoms of chicken pox?
Symptoms of chickenpox include fever, back pain, joint pain, and rash with itchy red spots and blisters.


Q: Where does the poliovirus attack in our body?
The poliovirus primarily attacks the nerve cells in the spinal cord, causing muscle weakness and paralysis.


Q: What is OPV?
OPV stands for Oral Polio Vaccine, which is given as drops in the mouth


Q: What are the diseases caused by the protozoan parasite?
Diseases caused by protozoan parasites include malaria, amoebiasis, and leishmaniasis.


Q: What is the main cause for the spread of Malaria?
The main cause for the spread of malaria is the female Anopheles mosquito.


Q: What is the name of malarial parasite and its carrier?
The malarial parasite is called Plasmodium, and its carrier is the female Anopheles mosquito.



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