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Chapter 2 How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!

Class 6 English Chapter 2 How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!


[Q] Why did the dog feel the need for a master?
[A] The dog in the story wanted a master because living alone was hard. He had to find food all the time and be afraid of stronger animals. He wanted to feel safe and have a stable life. The dog thought that having a strong master would give him a better life. He could depend on the master for protection and food.


[Q] Who did he first choose as his master? Why did he leave that master?
[A] The dog chose the wolf as his master because they were similar and strong. But when the wolf got scared of a bear, the dog realized the bear was even stronger. So, the dog left the wolf and decided to serve the bear instead. The dog believed that having a stronger master would make him safer.


[Q] Who did he choose next?
[A] The dog left the wolf and chose the bear as his new master. They wanted to find cows to eat together. But when the cows got scared by something, the bear ran away. The dog discovered that a lion caused the fear, and lions were the strongest animals. So, the dog left the bear and decided to serve the lion instead. The dog believed that having the strongest master would bring him safety and protection.


[Q] Why did he serve the Lion for a long time?
[A] The dog stayed with the lion for a while because the lion was the strongest animal in the forest. The lion’s power kept the dog safe and protected. No other animal would harm or bother the dog while he was under the lion’s care. It was a good and secure life for the dog because he had found a master who was considered the strongest and most powerful in the animal kingdom.


[Q] Who did he finally choose as his master and why?
[A] While walking with the lion, the dog met a man. The lion sensed the man and warned the dog about possible danger. So, the dog chose to leave the lion and serve the man as his new master. The dog believed that humans were the strongest beings because they were smart, had tools, and could control other creatures. The dog saw the man as the best master who could give him the most safety and stability. Since then, the dog has faithfully served humans with loyalty.


B. A summary of the story is given below. Fill in the blanks to complete it taking appropriate phrases from the box.

This is the story of a dog, who used to be his own master. He decided to find a master, stronger than anyone else. First, he found a wolf but the wolf was afraid of the bear. The dog thought that the bear was the strongest of all. After some time the dog met a lion, who seemed the strongest. He stayed with the lion for a long time. One day he realised that the lion was afraid of man. To this day, the dog remains man’s best friend.


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