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Chapter 5 A different kind of school

Chapter 5 A different kind of school



B. Answer the following questions

Q: Why do you think the writer visited Miss Beam’s school?
A: The writer visited Miss Beam’s school out of curiosity and a desire to see firsthand what they had heard about it. Their interest in education and teaching methods motivated their visit.


Q: What was the ‘game’ that every child in the school had to play?
A: Every child in the school had to play a “game” where they experienced temporary disabilities, such as being blind, lame, deaf, injured, or dumb, for a day each term.


Q: “Each term every child has one blind day, one lame day…”Complete the line.
A: According to Miss Beam, the hardest day for the children was the blind day, as they experienced complete blindness and relied on others for assistance in all activities.


Q: Which day was the hardest? Why was it the hardest? What was the purpose of these special days?
A: The purpose of the special days was to foster empathy, thoughtfulness, and understanding among the children by temporarily experiencing disabilities. It aimed to teach kindness, responsibility, and cultivate compassionate citizens who are considerate and supportive of others in need.


Chapter 5 A different kind of school extra question answers


Q: Who did the writer encounter when they arrived at Miss Beam’s school?
A: The writer encountered a girl of about twelve with her eyes covered by a bandage. She was being led by a boy who seemed to be telling her about the writer


Q: How did the writer describe Miss Beam?
A: She was described as middle-aged, authoritative, kind, and understanding, with greying hair and a plump figure


Q: What did the writer inquire about when speaking to Miss Beam?
A: The writer asked Miss Beam about her teaching methods, which they had heard were simple


Q: What did the writer discover about Miss Beam’s teaching methods?
A: The teacher emphasized spelling, math, and writing skills, with silent and still behavior during activities. Additionally, thoughtfulness, kindness, and citizenship were highlighted.


Q: What subjects are taught through Miss Beam’s teaching methods?
A: Miss Beam teaches spelling, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and writing. These subjects are deemed necessary to help children learn how to do things properly.


Q: What is the main objective of Miss Beam’s school?
A: Miss Beam’s school teaches students thoughtfulness, kindness, and responsible citizenship, not just thoughts.

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