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Chapter 6 Who am I

Chapter 6 Who am I



A. Answer the following questions.

[Q] Peter’s favourite day of the week is Sunday because……
Peter’s favorite day is the second Sunday of every month because his whole family always goes to the cinema hall to see a film.


[Q] Nasir wants to learn ………………
Nasir wants to learn how to preserve seeds so that they can be reused instead of having to buy new seeds every year.


[Q] Dolma believes that she can make a good Prime Minister because ….
Dolma believes she can be a good Prime Minister because of her responsibility towards classmates, her teacher’s trust, and her desire for positive changes. She aims to improve infrastructure, healthcare, education, and scientific advancements in India, aspiring to contribute to her country’s betterment.


B. Write True or False against each of the following statements.

1. Peter is an only child. [False]
2. When Serbjit gets angry he shouts at people. [False]
3. Nasir lives in the city. [False ]
4. Radha’s mother enjoys doing things with her. []



Fill in the blanks to name the different kinds of intelligence. One has been done for you.
When I enjoy listening to people and solving their problems I use my interpersonal intelligence.
(i) When I enjoy dancing or physical activity, I use my ………. intelligence. [interpersonal]
(ii) When I enjoy looking at maps and examining pictures I use
my ………….. intelligence. [spatial]
(iii) When I enjoy working with numbers and solving maths problems I use my ……….. intelligence. [logical and mathematical]
(iv) When I enjoy telling a story or arguing, I use my ……………. intelligence. [linguistic ]



Match the job on the left with its description on the right.

Navigator Finds and monitors the route to get to a place, or the direction of travel.
Architect Plans the design of a building,programmer town, or city.
Politician Works in politics, usually by standing for election.
Engineer Designs and builds things like roads, bridges, or engines.
Computer Designs the system by which a computer runs or gives information.
Athlete Works in sports or activities such as running, jumping,etc.
Disc jockey Controls and puts together a programme of music.
Composer Makes up notes to create music.
Counsellor Advises people what to do about jobs, personal problems, etc.
Journalist Reports on recent news for newspaper, radio, or TV.

Chapter 6 Who am I extra question answers


Q: What is Radha’s favorite activity?
A: Radha’s favorite activity is climbing trees.


Q: Where is the mango tree that Radha loves to climb located?
A: The mango tree is just outside Radha’s house.


Q: How does Radha feel when she is high up in the tree?
A: When Radha is high up in the tree, she feels like she can rule the whole world.


Q: Who climbed up the mango tree with Radha one afternoon?
A: Radha’s mother climbed up the mango tree with her one afternoon.


Q: What did Radha and her mother do while sitting in the tree?
A: Radha and her mother sat in the tree, talking and eating raw mangoes.


Q: What does Nasir want to become when he grows up?
A: Nasir wants to become a seed collector.


Q: What type of fields do they have in Nasir’s village?
A: They have cotton fields in Nasir’s village.


Q: Why does Nasir’s father spend a lot of money every year?
A: Nasir’s father spends a lot of money on buying new seeds to grow their cotton plants.


Q: What did Nasir’s grandfather tell him about collecting seeds in the past?
A: Nasir’s grandfather told him that in the past, he could collect the seeds from his own plants and use them to grow new plants the following year.


Q: Why can’t they use the same method of collecting and reusing seeds today?
A: Nasir wants to find out why they can’t collect and reuse seeds like his grandfather did, and why they have to spend money on new seeds every year.


Q: What does Nasir want to learn regarding seeds?
A: Nasir wants to learn how to preserve seeds so that they can be reused, thus avoiding the need to spend money on new seeds every year.


Q: What would Rohit do if he had a huge amount of money?
A: If Rohit had a huge amount of money, he would travel extensively.


Q: Which mountains does Rohit want to see?
A: Rohit wants to see the mountains of New Zealand because they appeared beautiful in a magazine picture.


Q: Where does Rohit want to sail down a river on a raft?
A: Rohit wants to sail down the Amazon River in South America on a raft.


Q: Where does Rohit want to live and dive to see coral?
A: Rohit wants to live on the beaches of Lakshadweep and dive to see coral.


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