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Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Solution


Which is called the control room of the cell and why is it called so?

The control room of the cell is the nucleus. It contains genetic material (DNA), which controls many cellular processes, including growth, metabolism, and reproduction, hence its name.


What are chromosomes made of?

Chromosomes are made of proteins and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid).


What is the function of nucleus?

The nucleus is important in controlling cellular functions. It contains genetic material (DNA) that controls cell growth, development and reproduction and synthesizes proteins.


What is the outer layer of plant cell called?

The outer layer of the plant cell is called the cell wall.


What are the functions of golgi bodies?

The Golgi apparatus or Golgi bodies function in processing, packaging, and transporting proteins and lipids within or outside the cell. It plays a key role in the secretion of cellular products.


Which plastid is found in red apple?

The red color in apples is due to chromoplasts, which are a type of plastid responsible for storing pigments, including red and orange pigments.


Which is known as ‘protein factory’?

Ribosomes are known as the ‘protein factory’ of the cell. They are responsible for the synthesis of proteins.


Which is the ‘Power house’ of the cell and why is it called so?

The mitochondria is called the ‘powerhouse’ of the cell because it is the site of cellular respiration, where energy is produced by oxidizing food molecules. This energy is essential for various cellular activities.


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