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Class 3 English The Enormous Turnip

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Class 3 English the enormous turnip


Choose the correct answer.

(1) One turnip grew….

  • A little bigger than the other turnips
  • As big as the other turnips
  • Much bigger than the other turnips


(2) Sam’s big sister asked.

  • Sam’s little brother to help
  • Sam to help.
  • Sam’s big brother to help.


(3) The enormous turnip was pulled out because

  • Sam’s grandfather pulled very hard
  • The whole family pulled the turnip together.
  • Sam’s brother was very strong.


[q] Who all helped to pull the turnip out?

Sam’s grandfather, grandmother, Sam’s big brother, Sam’s big sister, and Sam itself.


[q] Who was the last person to join the group of people who pulled at the turnip?

Sam was the last person to join the group of people who pulled the turnip.


[q] What did Sam’s grandfather do with the turnip?

Sam’s grandfather made the delicious soup from the turnip.


[q] Why do you think Sam’s grandfather was pleased when they pulled the turnip out of the ground?

Sam’s grandfather was very pleased because he made some delicious turnip soup for all.



Join the halves

Match the two columns

Tur Cum Turnip
Po Ach Potato
Capsi Nip Capsicum
Rad Tato Radish
Cabb Root Cabbage
Spin Ish Spinach
Beet Age Beetroot


Additional questions:


How many seeds were planted by Sam’s grandfather?

Grandfathers planted six turnip seeds.

Make sentences using words


Enormous  – Enormous turnip grow in the garden.

Pulled – Grandfather pulled the turnip out of the ground

Delicious – I make a delicious turnip soup.




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