Class 3 Rocks Soil and Minerals Question Answer

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Class 3 Rocks and Soil Question

Class 3 Rocks Soil and Minerals Question Answer | New Science Ahead Class 3 Question Answers | Additional Questions and Answers to prepare for exams..

Fill in the blanks

  1. Rocks are made up of …………….
  2. Earth is made up of …………. and …………
  3. ………………….is the hardest rock.
  4. ………………….is the softest rock.
  5. Soil contains ………. and …………



  1. Minerals
  2. Rocks, soil
  3. Diamond
  4. Chalk
  5. Air, water


Answer the following questions

Define geologist.

A person who studies how rocks and soil make up the earth is called a geologist.


What are the two main components of soil?

There are two main components to soil: tiny pieces of rocks and rotten plant and animal parts.


What is humus?

Rotten plants and animals are called humus.


Why is humus useful to plants?

Plants need humus for healthy growth since it contains nutrients they need to grow.


Do plants grow well in clayey soil?

Plants do not grow well in clayey soil since it holds a lot of water and is sticky.


Why is sandy soil not good for plants?

In sandy soil, there are large particles with lots of spaces between them, which allows water to flow easily through them 


Why soil is important?

Plants grow in soil. It contains nutrients, or food substances, that they need for growth. Animals and other living things also live in the soil.


Which crop grows well in clayey soil?



Which crop grows well in Sandy soil?



What products do we make from the soil?

We make cement, bricks, and glass from the soil.


What is added to the soil to make it fertile?

Manure and Fertilizers


Why can you use chalk to write on the blackboard but not granite?

Black boards are made of slate stone that is black or dark gray in color. Chalk is softer than slate, so it can be used for writing, while granite is harder than slate, so it can cut or scratch the board.


Why are most kitchen counters made of granite?

Granite is most often used for kitchen countertops because: – It is heat resistant. It’s also unlikely to scratch.


Soil appears to be firm when we walk on it. How do you think animals like earthworms breathe inside the soil?

Earthworms breathe through their skin rather than having lungs, so their skin must stay moist to allow oxygen to enter their bloodstream.


How is soil formed?

Soil is formed by the breaking up of rocks.


What is the composition of soil?

Soil is made up of small and big stones, sand, clay, and humus.


What is soil profile?

Soil is made up of many layers, the sequence of layers of soil is called the soil profile.

Topsoil- topmost layer of soil, dark in color and contains humus.

Subsoil – below the topsoil, a light-colored layer, contains broken pieces of rocks.

Bedrock – the bottom layer of soil, made of big pieces of rocks.


Write the importance of soil.

Soil is very important for the growth of plants, plants absorb water and minerals from the soil.

Some small animals like earthworms, rabbits, and ants live in the soil.

Clay is used to making bricks; sand is mixed with cement to make buildings.


Define Gravel.

Gravel has very large grains which do not hold any water between them. They hold a lot of air.



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