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MCQ on Class 3 SST Earth The Living Planet

Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 10:28 pm

MCQ on Class 3 SST Earth The Living Planet


    What makes Earth a unique planet?

  1. a) Abundant water
  2. b) Presence of plants and animals
  3. c) The Sun’s heat and light
  4. d) All of the above

    Answer: d) All of the above


    What percentage of the Earth’s surface is covered with water?

  1. a) 25%
  2. b) 50%
  3. c) 75%
  4. d) 100%

    Answer: c) 75%


    Who proved that the Earth is round?

  1. a) Ferdinand Magellan
  2. b) Christopher Columbus
  3. c) Isaac Newton
  4. d) Albert Einstein

    Answer: a) Ferdinand Magellan


    What is the layer of air surrounding the Earth called?

  1. a) Lithosphere
  2. b) Hydrosphere
  3. c) Atmosphere
  4. d) Biosphere

    Answer: c) Atmosphere


When astronauts looked at the Earth from outer space, what shape did they observe?

  1. a) Square
  2. b) Triangle
  3. c) Cube
  4. d) Sphere

    Answer: d) Sphere


    What is the place where the land and sky appear to meet called?

  1. a) Equator
  2. b) Troposphere
  3. c) Horizon
  4. d) Stratosphere

    Answer: c) Horizon


    Why does the sky appear blue?

  1. a) Reflection of the oceans
  2. b) Presence of blue-colored gas
  3. c) Scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere
  4. d) None of the above

    Answer: c) Scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere


    Who was the first Indian astronaut to go to space?

  1. a) Kalpana Chawla
  2. b) Rakesh Sharma
  3. c) Sunita Williams
  4. d) Abdul Kalam

    Answer: b) Rakesh Sharma


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