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Class 4 Computer Browsing the Internet

Learn the GSEB Class 4 Computer Browsing the Internet Solution that provide textbook exercises as well as additional Question and Answers.


Section A: Multiple Choice Questions


What does ISP stand for?
a) Internet Service Program
b) Internet System Provider
c) Internet Service Provider (Correct Answer)
d) Internet Server Provider


Which of the following is NOT a popular web browser?
a) Google Chrome
b) Microsoft Edge
c) Safari
d) Adobe Acrobat (Correct Answer)


What is the main function of a modem in an internet connection?
a) To provide electricity to the computer
b) To convert digital signals into analog signals for transmission over telephone lines (Correct Answer)
c) To store web pages for offline viewing
d) To protect the computer from viruses


What is the purpose of the Address Bar in a web browser?
a) To display the current date and time
b) To show the website’s IP address
c) To input the URL of a website (Correct Answer)
d) To display the browser’s version number


Which term refers to the main page of any website?
a) Web Page
b) URL
c) Home Page (Correct Answer)
d) ISP


Section B: True or False

  1. Websites are composed of multiple web pages linked together. (True) [Correct]
  2. The World Wide Web (WWW) contains information that can only be accessed by people in certain countries. (False) [Correct]
  3. Google Chrome is an example of a web browser. (True) [Correct]
  4. URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. (False) [Correct: Uniform Resource Locator]
  5. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides internet access in exchange for a one-time payment. (False) [Correct: monthly fee]


Section C: Fill in the Blanks


  1. A collection of related web pages linked with one another is called a website.
  2. The main function of a modem is to convert digital signals into analog signals for transmission over telephone lines.
  3. WWW stands for World Wide Web.
  4. The Address Bar in a web browser is used to input the URL of a website.
  5. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.


Section D: Short Answer Questions


Q: Explain the role of a web browser in accessing information on the internet.
A: A web browser is a software application that allows users to access information on the internet by interpreting and displaying web pages. It retrieves web pages from servers, renders them for viewing, and provides features for navigation and interaction with web content.


Q: Describe the function of the Home Page of a website.
A: The Home Page of a website serves as the main entry point or starting point for users. It typically contains an overview of the website’s content, navigation links to other pages within the site, and may feature important announcements or highlights. Users can navigate to other sections of the website from the Home Page.


Q: What is a URL? Provide an example.
A: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a web address used to specify the location of a resource on the internet. For example, “” is a URL that points to the homepage of a website called “Example”.


Q: What are some common uses of the internet in today’s world?
A: Common uses of the internet include accessing information and news, communication through email and messaging services, social networking, online shopping, banking and financial transactions, entertainment such as streaming videos and music, educational purposes, and research.


Q: What is the internet?
A: The internet is a global network connecting millions of computers worldwide, facilitating the exchange of information and communication in real-time.

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