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Class 4 Computer Working on Slides

Class 4 Computer Working on Slides

Select the correct option.

1. To delete a slide, right-click on the slide in the Slides Navigation pane and click on the
a. Delete Slide
b. Delete
c. Cut

2. The ………………… contains the Text Box tool.
a. Home
b. Insert
c. Design

3. The ………option on the Format tab is used to rotate a shape.
a. Rotate
b. Resize
c. Flip vertical option from the shortcut menu.

4. To insert text in a shape, select the………………

a. Add Text

b. Edit Text
c. Insert Text


D. Answer in one word.

1. Which group on the Insert tab has the Shapes option?


2. Name the option that is used for adding a new slide in a presentation.
New Slide


3. Which key helps you to select more than one object at a time?


4. Which feature helps in creating decorative text?


E. Answer the following questions.

1. How can you insert slides in a presentation?
You can insert slides by clicking on the “New Slide” button on the Home tab or by selecting a slide layout and then clicking “New Slide.”


2. What is the use of the Text Box tool in a PowerPoint? How can you insert a Text Box in a slide?
The Text Box tool allows you to add additional text beyond the provided placeholders on a slide. You can insert a Text Box by clicking on the Text Box tool in the Text group on the Insert tab, then drawing a box on the slide and typing or pasting your text into it.


3. What is the use of the WordArt feature?
The WordArt feature is used to create decorative text in PowerPoint. It allows you to customize text with various styles, effects, and formatting options to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation.


Additional Question and Answers


Q: How do I add a new slide to my presentation?

A: To add a new slide, select the slide after which you want the new one, then click “New Slide” on the Home tab. Choose the layout you prefer.

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