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Class 5 Social Science Grasslands of the Temperate Zone Que Ans

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Class 5 Grasslands of the Temperate Zone Que Ans

Class 5 Grasslands of the Temperate Zone Que Ans | Grade 5 Social Science Question Answers | for all the students of CBSE/Icse/state board…

Fill in the blanks: –


[a] Prairies are called the ………. basket of the world. [Wheat]

[b] ………. are huge farms that rear cattle. [Ranches]

[c] Most of the grasslands of the world are located in ………. zone. [ temperate]

[d] …………are grasslands in North America. [ Prairies]

[e] …………are raised for beef and dairy products. [Cattle]

[f] In Russia, grasslands are called …………[Steppes]

[g] Grasslands are called Pampas in _________. South America

[h] Grasslands are called veld in _________. South Africa

[I] Savannahs are grasslands, in ______. Central Africa


Answer the following questions:


[Que] Where are the temperate grasslands located in terms of latitude?

Temperate grasslands are located between 23.5° and 55° latitude in both the northern and southern hemispheres.


[Que] Name any five animals found in the temperate grasslands.

Bison, deer, antelope, prairie dog, coyote.


[Que] Name three tribes inhabiting the temperate regions.

Kirghiz, Khoikhoi, Gauchos.


[Que] Name any two birds found in the temperate grasslands.

Bald eagle, lark.


[Que] What is the main crop of the prairies?



[Que] Why are the winds strong in the grasslands?

Strong winds are common in grasslands because there are no mountains or trees to slow them down.


[Que] What do we call the large storage where wheat is stored?

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