Class 5 Grasslands of the Temperate Zone Que Ans

Class 5 Grasslands of the Temperate Zone Que Ans

Class 5 Grasslands of the Temperate Zone Que Ans | Grade 5 Social Science Question Answers | for all the students of CBSE/Icse/state board…

Fill in the blanks: –


[a] Prairies are called the ………. basket of the world. [Wheat]

[b] ………. are huge farms that rear cattle. [Ranches]

[c] Most of the grasslands of the world are located in ………. zone. [ temperate]

[d] …………are grasslands in North America. [ Prairies]

[e] …………are raised for beef and dairy products. [Cattle]

[f] In Russia, grasslands are called …………[Steppes]

[g] Grasslands are called Pampas in _________. South America

[h] Grasslands are called veld in _________. South Africa

[I] Savannahs are grasslands, in ______. Central Africa



[Que] What are grasslands?

Ans. The grasslands are large, open plains. The grasslands are hot and dry. The rainfall is not enough for forests to grow in these areas, but just enough to keep the land from turning into a desert.


[Que] How is the Climate of Temperate Grasslands?

Ans. Grasslands in temperate zones vary in temperature depending on the season. Winter temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius. Summer temperatures can exceed 38 degrees Celsius. These grasslands receive low to moderate precipitation each year.


[Que] Why are Prairies called the “Wheat Basket of the World”?

Ans. The prairies are one of the largest grain elevators in the world, they produce large quantities of wheat and export wheat as well. It is therefore known as the world’s wheat basket.


[Que] Why do the temperate grasslands of the northern hemisphere get low rainfall?

Ans. The temperate grasslands of the northern hemisphere are located within continents, away from the sea. Clouds that carry rain lose most of their water before they reach these areas. As a result, these grasslands receive low rainfall.


[Que] Write about the wildlife of the veld.

Ans. It is common to find herds of animals eating grass in grasslands. The veld is home to Giraffes and Zebras. The main predators of the veld are lions, cheetahs, and leopards.


[Que] Name the crops grown in the prairies of North America?

The major crops grown in prairies are wheat, oats, rye, corn, and barley.


[Que] What type of weather is found in prairies?

The prairies have hot summers and cold winters and moderate rainfall.


[Que] Why prairies are very fertile?

Due to the Mississippi and Missouri rivers flowing through this area, the prairies are extremely fertile. The fertile topsoil makes the area ideal for agriculture.


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