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Class 6 English Chapter 3 Taro’s Reward

Class 6 English Chapter 3 Taro’s Reward


Taro’s Reward Chapter Summary


Class 6 English Chapter 3 Taro's Reward


[Q] Why did Taro run in the direction of the stream?
[A] Taro ran to the stream because he was thirsty. He was working hard in the forest and got hot and sweaty, making his mouth dry. When he heard the sound of the rushing water, he went towards it to quench his thirst and feel refreshed.


[Q] How did Taro’s father show his happiness after drinking saké?
[A] After Taro’s father drank the saké, he stopped shivering and became very happy. He was so joyful that he started dancing in the middle of the floor. His happiness was clear to see as he expressed gratitude and pleasure for being warmed by the saké.


[Q] Why did the waterfall give Taro saké and others water?
[A] According to the story, Taro received saké from the magic waterfall because he was a thoughtful and kind son who worked hard to support his parents. The waterfall recognized Taro’s selflessness and rewarded him. The story highlights the importance of respecting and obeying parents, and Taro’s actions showed these virtues, which led to him being given special saké. Others who were not as selfless and kind when approaching the waterfall received regular water instead of the magical saké.


[Q] Why did the villagers want to drown Taro?
[A] The villagers were upset with Taro and wanted to harm him because they felt he had tricked them. They had heard about the magic waterfall that produced delicious saké and went there hoping to get the same special drink. However, they were disappointed to find that the waterfall only had regular water. They believed Taro had deceived them and thought he kept the saké for himself. As a result, they wanted to punish him by drowning him in the waterfall.


[Q] Why did the Emperor reward Taro?
[A] The Emperor rewarded Taro because he heard about how Taro was kind and thoughtful to his parents. Taro worked hard and found a way to warm his father’s heart by getting expensive saké. When the Emperor learned about the magic waterfall and Taro’s selflessness, he was impressed. The Emperor valued Taro’s devotion to his family and gave him twenty pieces of gold as a thank-you. The Emperor also named the prettiest fountain in the city after Taro to encourage other children to be respectful and obedient to their parents, just like Taro.


B. Mark the right item.

1. Taro earned very little money because
(i) he didn’t work hard enough.
(ii) the villagers didn’t need wood.
(iii) the price of wood was very low. [ANSWER]

2. Taro decided to earn extra money
(i) to live a more comfortable life.
(ii) to buy his old father some saké. [ANSWER]
(iii) to repair the cracks in the hut.

3. The neighbour left Taro’s hut in a hurry because
(i) she was delighted with the drink.
(ii) she was astonished to hear Taro’s story.
(iii) she wanted to tell the whole village about the waterfall.[ANSWER]



A. Strike off the words in the box below that are not suitable.
Taro wanted to give his old parents everything they needed.
This shows that he was …
Ans – honest, trustworthy, efficient,hardworking.


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