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Class 6 English Chapter 7 Fair Play

Class 6 English Chapter 7 Fair Play

C. Answer the following questions.

1. “Then the situation changed.” What is being referred to?
After Jumman got the property, he completely forgot his promise to look after his elderly aunt. He and his wife began treating her poorly.


2.When Jumman’s aunt realised that she was not welcome in his house, what arrangement did she suggest?
Jumman’s aunt, feeling unwanted in his house, so asked for a monthly allowance to cook separately and avoid daily insults.


3. What was the villagers’ reaction when the aunt explained her case to them?
The elderly lady reached out to the villagers seeking their support. While some villagers showed sympathy towards her, others chose to respond with laughter. A select few offered advice, suggesting that she should make it up with her nephew and his wife.


4. Why was Jumman happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch?
Algu and Jumman had a close friendship, and due to this , Jumman held optimistic expectations of receiving a favorable verdict. he is very happy when his aunt designated Algu as the head Panch.


5. “God lives in the heart of the Panch”, the aunt said. What did she mean?
The aunt meant that a person sitting in the position of a judge is fair and equal, akin to God. They are not guided by personal likes and dislikes. They are incapable of committing any injustice. They serve as representatives of God.


6. What was Algu’s verdict as head Panch? How did Jumman take it?
Algu conducted the hearing and made a fair decision in the case. He told Jumman that he must either provide a monthly allowance to his aunt or transfer the property into her name. Jumman was stunned. He became an enemy of Algu and decided to seek revenge.


7. Algu found himself in a tight spot. What was his problem?
Algu sold his ox to a cart driver named Sahoo. Sahoo promised to pay the agreed-upon price within a month. However, during that time, he overworked the animal to the extent that it died. Sahoo acted dishonestly and refused to pay the money.


8. Why was Algu upset over Jumman’s nomination as head Panch?
Algu was troubled because Jumman was already angry with him. So he thought that Jumman would seek revenge.

9. What was Jumman’s verdict as head Panch? How did Algu take it?
umman’s decision was that Sahoo would have to pay Algu the price of the ox because when Sahoo bought the ox from Algu, it was healthy. This was a fair decision. Algu gladly accepted it, stating that it was a victory for the Panchayat

Chapter 7 Fair Play extra question answers


Q: Who were Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry?

A: Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry were good friends .


Q: What did they do for each other when one of them was away from the village?

A: When one of them was away from the village, the other looked after his family.


Q: What arrangement did Jumman have with his old aunt regarding her property?

A: Jumman’s old aunt transferred her property to him on the understanding that she would stay with him and he would look after her.


Q: How did Jumman’s wife feel about the aunt needs?

A: Jumman’s wife grudged even the little food that the aunt  wanted every day.


Q: How did the aunt initially react to the insults and mistreatment?

A: The aunt  swallowed these insults along with her food for a few months, showing patience.


Q: What did the aunt  request from Jumman?

A: The aunt  requested Jumman to give her a monthly allowance so she could set up a separate kitchen.


Q: How did Jumman respond to the aunt ‘s request?

A: Jumman shamelessly told his aunt that his wife knows best how to run the house and asked her to be patient.


Q: Why did the aunt  decide to take her case to the village panchayat?

A: The aunt  was angry at Jumman’s response and felt unwanted in his house, so she decided to seek justice and support by taking her case to the village panchayat.


Q: How did the villagers react to the aunt ‘s case?

A: Some villagers sympathized with her, some laughed at her, and a few advised her to reconcile with Jumman and his wife.


Q: How did Algu Chowdhry initially respond to the aunt plea for support?

A: Algu told the sunt  that Jumman was his best friend and he couldn’t go against him.


Q: What did the aunt  plead Algu to do?

A: The aunt  pleaded with Algu to speak the truth and support her at the panchayat.


Q: How did Algu initially respond to the aunt ‘s plea to attend the panchayat?

A: Algu didn’t reply to the aunt ‘s plea, but her words kept ringing in his ears.


Q: What did the aunt  believe about the voice of the Panch?

A: The aunt  believed that the voice of the Panch is the voice of God since God lives in the heart of the Panch.


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