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Class 6 GSEB English Periodical Test Paper September 2021

Class 6 GSEB English Periodical Test Paper

Class 6 GSEB English Periodical Test Paper September 2021 solution for Gujarat board students

L.O. Comprehends and understands the reading materials and answers the questions.

Q-1 Read the following passage and answer the questions. (5)

A great big fox saw Jim crying. He asked: sweet boy! Why are you crying? Jim: Look there! I cannot get my three goats out of that carrot field. Fox: Don’t cry! I will get your goats. The fox ran round and round after the three goats. But no! The goats did not come. The fox sat down with Jim and cried: Boo! Boo!

Which animal saw Jim crying?

  • Fox saw Jim crying.

Where were Jim’s goats?

  • Jim’s goat in the carrot field.

How many goats were there in the carrot field?

  • There were 3 goats.

Why did the fox run after the goats?

  • The fox run round and round to find the goats in the carrot field to help sweet boy.

Write one adjective for fox and one for the boy from the passage.

  • Great big for fox
  • Sweet for boy

L.O. Writes grammatically correct sentences for a variety of situations using noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, determiners etc.

Q-2 Fill in the blanks.

  1. When Carol ___________ (call) last night, I __________ (watch) my favorite show on television. (use appropriate forms of verbs)
  2. Vera is ____________ than Mila (smart) (use appropriate form of adjective)
  3. That’s the person ____________ took my wallet. (who, whom, whose)
  4. Gandhiji is the man _____________ I admire. (who, whom, whose)


1 – called , was

2- smarter

3- who

4- whom

L.O. Uses meaningful sentences to describe situations in speech and writing. Q-3 Write five sentences about the topic given below. (5)

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