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NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Separation of Substances

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Class 6 Separation of Substances


Separation of substances class 6 |class 6 science chapter 3 question answer


[Q] Why do we need to separate different components of a mixture? Give two examples.

Ans. Among the different components of a mixture, there are many substances that are harmful or ineffective for us. To get rid of these harmful or ineffective materials, we need to remove them.

Below is some example

  • We can filter the tea with the help of a tea strainer
  • We can remove the small Stones from wheat, rice, or pulses.


[Q] What is winnowing? Where is it used?

Ans. Wind or blowing air is used to separate heavier and lighter components of a mixture this method of separating components is called winnowing. Farmers use this method to separate lighter husk particles from heavier grain seeds.


[Q] How will you separate husk or dirt particles from a given sample of pulses before cooking?

 Ans. We can separate husk or dirt particles with the help of the winnowing method, it will remove husk or dirt particles from the given sample of pulses.


[Q] What is sieving? Where is it used?

Ans. Sieving allows fine flour particles to move through the sieve’s holes while larger impurities remain on the surface. This method can be used in floor mills and construction sites. In-floor mills impurities like husk and stone can be removed before grinding while in construction sites pebbles and stones are removed from sand by sieving.


[Q] How will you separate sand and water from their mixture?

Ans. Sedimentation and decantation is the method used to remove the sand from the water.

  • A container may leave the mixture for some time
  • The sand at the bottom of the container is jammed, this is called sedimentation.
  • Slowly pour the water into another container, this is called decantation
  • To remove fine particles of sand, we can use filter paper, which is called filtration.


[Q] Is it possible to separate sugar mixed with wheat flour? If yes, how will you do it?

Ans. Sugar can be separated from wheat flour using sieving. Because sugar particles are large, they will remain on the sieve while wheat flour will pass through.


[Q] How would you obtain clear water from a sample of muddy water?

Ans. Filtration can be used to separate pure water from muddy water.


Fill up the blanks

  1. The method of separating seeds of paddy from its stalks is called ___________.
  2. When milk, cooled after boiling, is poured onto a piece of cloth the cream (malai) is left behind on it. This process of separating cream from milk is an Example of ___________.
  3. Salt is obtained from seawater by the process of ___________.
  4. Impurities settled at the bottom when muddy water was kept overnight in a bucket. The clear water was then poured off from the top. The process of Separation used in this example is called ___________.


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