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Class 7 Geography Chapter 4 Air Question Answer

Class 7 Geography Chapter 4 Air Question Answer | Class 7 Geography NCERT Solution | for all the students of CBSE /State /ICSE board exams.

Answer the following questions.


Que- What is the atmosphere?

Our earth is surrounded by a huge blanket of air called the atmosphere.


Que- Which two gases make the bulk of the atmosphere?

Nitrogen and oxygen are two gases that make up the bulk of the atmosphere.


Que- Which gas creates the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere?

The greenhouse effect occurs in the atmosphere due to carbon dioxide


Que- What is the weather?

The weather is the condition of the atmosphere from hour to hour, day to day


Que- Name three types of rainfall?

Three types of rainfall are:

  • Convectional rainfall
  • Orographic rainfall
  • Cyclonic rainfall


Que- What is air pressure?

Air pressure is the force exerted by the weight of air on the surface of the earth.



Give reasons.

Que- Wet clothes take a longer time to dry on a humid day?

Water vapor levels in the atmosphere are high on humid days since humidity levels are high. As a result, humid air cannot carry away more water vapor and clothes take longer to dry.


Que- Amount of insolation decreases from the equator towards the poles?

Insolation is the incoming solar energy intercepted by the earth. On the equator, sunlight falls almost vertically, whereas it falls slightly at an angle at the poles. Because of this, insolation decreases from equator to pole.

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