Class 7 Motion and Time Extra Question Answers

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Class 7 Motion and Time Extra Question Answers

Class 7 Motion and Time Extra Question Answers | Class 7 Science NCERT Solutions | for all the students of CBSE / ICSE / State Board…


Fill in the blanks:


A simple pendulum is made up of a …………&…………[ bob and string]

An …………… is a complete to-and-fro movement of a pendulum.[oscillation]

One oscillation of a pendulum is called a ………[time period]

A ……….measures short time intervals.[stopwatch]

The basic unit of time is ……….[second]

The distance between two cities is measured in………..[kilometers]

Speed is a …………quantity. [scalar]

Velocity is a ………….quantity. [vector]

….records the distance moved by the vehicle.[ Odometer]


Answer the following question in short.


What is the SI unit of speed?

Meter per second


Define speed. What is its SI unit?

The distance covered by an object in unit time is called its speed. The speed of a moving object is expressed by the relation.The S. I. unit of speed = meter (m)

Speed = Distance traveled/Time taken


What is meant by uniform motion?

When a body travels equal distances in equal intervals of time called uniform motion.


Define nonuniform motion. Give one example.

A body is said to have nonuniform motion when it travels unequal distances in equal intervals of time.


What is motion? What is its SI unit of speed?

The motion refers to changes in position over time. A meter per second is the SI unit of speed.


What is an odometer? How does it work?

An odometer is a device that records a vehicle’s total distance traveled. It is used to calculate the distance traveled on a particular trip.


What is the difference between uniform and non-uniform motion?

A uniform motion occurs when a body covers the same distance in equal intervals of time. Non-uniform motion occurs when a body moves unequally over an equal period of time.


Describe the difference between velocity and speed.

The rate at which a body moves is called its speed. Velocity is a measure of speed with direction.


Define the following terms.


Types of motion: Motion can be of three types- along a straight line, circular or periodic.


Simple Pendulum

The simple pendulum consists of a metal ball called a bob suspended by a long thread. The to and fro motion of a pendulum is a periodic or oscillatory motion.


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