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Class 8 Computer Smart Computers



Which number computer understand for OFF and ON?

Computers understand the numbers 0 for OFF and 1 for ON.



What are logic gates?

Logic gates are fundamental building blocks of digital circuits that perform logical operations based on input values.


Which gate has single input and single output?

NOT gate has a single input and single output.


What is the full form of ASCII?

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.


What is the ASCII code for M?

The ASCII code for M is 77.


What is truth table?

A truth table is a logical chart that lists all possible values the inputs can attain along with the corresponding output for each input combination.


How many types of logic gates are there? Which are they?

There are seven types of logic gates: AND gate, OR gate, NOT gate, NAND gate, NOR gate, XOR gate, and XNOR gate.


What is logic diagram?

A logic diagram is a graphic representation of a logic function using symbols to depict the logic gates and their connections.


What are they represent symbol of AND and OR GATE?

The symbol for the AND gate is a dot (·), and the symbol for the OR gate is a plus (+).


Draw the truth table of NAND and NOR.



Which gate is also known as inverter?

NOT gate is also known as an inverter.


Shalu has become very arrogant. She always does just opposite of what her mother instructs her. Create a logic gate for this.

The logic gate for Shalu’s behavior can be represented as a NOT gate, where the input is the instruction from her mother and the output is Shalu’s action.



Convert the following numbers into binary number.

45 B) 13 C) 25

45 in binary is 101101

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