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Class 8 Science Conservation of Plants and Animals Notes

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Class 8 Conservation of Plants and Animals


Class 8 Conservation of Plants and Animals | Class 8 science extra Question Answers / Solutions/notes for the students to prepare for the exam.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The ……………. of an area refers to the variety of different living organisms.
  2. ……….. and ………….. are the plants and animals of a specific region.
  3. Species that only occur in a certain region are called …………….
  4. An ………….. species is one that is in danger of extinction.
  5. The ………………. contains information about endangered species.
  6. The phenomenon of …………… is the movement of a species from one habitat to another
  7. ………….. involves planting new trees in destroyed forests.


  1. Biodiversity
  2. Flora and fauna
  3. Endemic species
  4. Endangered
  5. Red data book
  6. Migration
  7. Reforestation

Answer the following questions


Que:- What is deforestation? What are the purposes of deforestation?

Deforestation means clearing forests and using that land for other purposes.

Some of the purposes are mentioned below:

  1. Procuring land for cultivation.
  2. Building houses and factories.
  3. Making furniture or using wood as fuel.


Que:- What are the natural causes of deforestation?

Natural causes of deforestation are forest fires and severe droughts.



Que:- What are the consequences of deforestation?

Deforestation increases the temperature and pollution level on the earth. It increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Groundwater level also gets lowered.

Deforestation disturbs the balance in nature, if cutting of trees continues, rainfall and the fertility of the soil will decrease as well as there will be increased chances of natural calamities such as floods and droughts.


Que:- What are droughts?

The increased temperature on the earth disturbs the water cycle and may reduce rainfall. This could cause droughts.


Que:- What is desertification?

A lower layer of soil is exposed when the top layer is removed, exposing the hard, rocky, and less fertile soil layers. Gradually fertile land gets converted into deserts, which is called desertification.


Que:- What are protected areas?

Protected areas are wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and biosphere reserves, which have been established to protect wildlife and their habitats. Plantations, cultivation, grazing, tree felling, hunting, and poaching are not allowed.


Que:- Define Wildlife Sanctuary.

Areas where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and their habitat.


Que:- Define National Park.

Areas reserved for wildlife where they can freely use the habitats and natural resources.

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