Class 8 Crop Production Extra Question Answer

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Class 8 Crop Production Extra Question Answer


Class 8 Crop Production Extra Question Answer | Crop Production and Management Class 8 Questions and Answers


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The agriculture Revolution or Green Revolution began in India in…….. [ 1960]
  2. …………are crops that are grown for human consumption or animal consumption. [Food crops]
  3. ……….crops are grown in large estates for sale in distant markets.[ Plantation]
  4. ………..Crops Are Those Crops Grown Mostly for Profit, not for the Farmer’s Use. [ Cash ]
  5. …….have funnel-shaped openings that lead to long tubes.[ Seed drills]
  6. Spreading seeds by hand into the soil is called ……….[broadcasting]
  7. ………..are used for storing grains on a large scale.[ Granaries]
  8. Rearing of Honeybees Is Called …………[apiculture]


Answer the following questions:


Define agriculture?

Agriculture deals with the growing and raising of crops and animals for human consumption.


Define horticulture.

Agriculture’s horticulture division deals with vegetables, fruits, flowers, decorative plants, and decorative flowers.


What is a crop?

When a large number of plants are grown at the same place for food, it is called a crop.


What are food grains?

Cereals are tall grasses grown for their nutritious seeds and are called food grains.


Crops are classified into how many different types?

According to season, crops can be classified into 2 types

Kharif crops – these crops require a lot of water, which is why they are sown before the monsoons in June/July, then harvested after the monsoon.

Rabi crops – are sown at the beginning of winter and harvested by march/April.


What is plowing?

Tilling and plowing is the process of loosening and turning the soil.


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