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Conjunctions Online Test for Class 3

Welcome to the Conjunctions Online Test for Class 3! Conjunctions are important parts of speech that join words, phrases, or clauses together in a sentence. They help us express relationships between different ideas or actions. This quiz is designed to test your understanding of conjunctions and how they are used in sentences. Get ready to challenge yourself and demonstrate your knowledge of conjunctions by selecting the correct conjunction to complete each sentence. Good luck!


I want to play soccer ___ basketball.
Shanaya went to the park ___ her friends.
Tom wanted to eat ice cream ___ cake.
It is raining heavily ___ we can still have fun indoors.
Lucy is tired ___ she wants to take a nap.
Max likes to play soccer ___ basketball.
You can have cake ___ ice cream for dessert.
My sister ___ I went to the zoo yesterday.
We can watch a movie ___ play board games tonight.
Tim likes to swim ___ dive in the pool.
I wanted to buy a toy ___ I didn't have enough money.
We can have pizza ___ pasta for dinner.
Sam is tired ___ he wants to go to bed early.
The cat ___ the dog are playing in the garden.
I have a pencil ___ a pen in my bag.
Mary wants to dance ___ sing at the party.
I'm going to read a book ___ watch TV.
Conjunctions Online Test for Class 3
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